el·lip·tic /i'liptik/ adj.  Relating to or having the form of an ellipse.  

The Oval is our favorite shape, and we feel it is the most flattering.  

Our designs began with this aesthetic, organically becoming a full collection.  Feminine, yet strong.


spec•tra /' spektrə/ noun.  A band of colors, as seen in a rainbow.  

Inspired by our need for gorgeous, unbridled color.  

Evoked by childhood memories of chasing rainbows thrown from sunshine through cut glass windows. 


speck /spek/ noun.  A very little bit or particle.  

Born by our desire for small but meaningful ways to tell your story.  

We are charmed to share our Specks with you.


Every now and then, you may find something that feels made just for you. Born of necessity, nearly impossible to replicate, these Limited Editions are privately sold through our website and trunk shows.  

These special pieces will be available to view soon.