CHARLOTTE ALLISON FINE JEWELRY was born from a passion for expressing style and telling a personal story. Our designs are inspired by the women we encounter; what they wear, what they like, what they want. As mother and daughter, we know a design belongs in our line when it appeals to each of our sensibilities, one of us classic and one more contemporary. Charlotte Allison is a five-generation family name, so it was a natural choice to begin this journey. We hope you love what we have created.

C. Allison Morgan

C. Allison Morgan, President, Designer, Mother, Grandmother, Poodle Lover, Gardener @allison_caj

"Creating jewelry is a pleasure. It is an entity that lifts the soul, as all good art does. Elizabeth and I start every day with the desire to make a lovely thing that reflects the beauty of life."

Allison is the President and Founder of Charlotte Allison Jewelry and is the third of five Charlotte Allison women. She raised three girls in Mountain Brook, Alabama. She left retirement to begin Charlotte Allison, named for her at the request of her daughters.

Elizabeth Read

Elizabeth A. Read, Designer, Daughter, Mother, @charlotteallisonjewelry

"Growing up watching my Mother design jewelry, I realized that it is an art form unto itself. We laugh and learn along the way, both of us passionately striving to make beautiful, lasting pieces for the women who inspire us."

Elizabeth is the Lead Designer at Charlotte Allison Jewelry, learning under the guidance of her mother. She is the oldest of Allison's three daughters. She lives with her three children in Mountain Brook, Alabama. She studied Finance at Auburn University, working in Sales and Marketing until she began Charlotte Allison Jewelry with Allison.